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Germanode is seeking partnerships built upon mutual interest.


Our company is offering sponsorships to interested parties looking to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

We offer a wide range of perks to all our partners. One of our main perks is providing services with our partnerships, this can be a game server. When applying for your partnership and you have been accepted, we will always make sure to provide you with a suitable plan for your partnership.

Our main goal is to be able to provide the best service as possible to all of our partnerships and will always find what’s best and what works for you! We present to you the perfect opportunity to help us and in return, we will provide you with help from us. You can simply place banners in your video(s)/website, giving a quick advertisement video or a simple message in your description.

Who are we looking for?



  • You must have at least 1.000 subscribers.
  • The channel should primarily be for Minecraft.
  • Willing to play a 4-second clip for Germanode.
  • Have a consistent uploading schedule.


  • You must have at least 150 followers.
  • The channel should primarily be for Minecraft.
  • Talk about Germanode during streaming.
  • Have a consistent streaming schedule.


  • Have an advertising spot for Germanode.
  • Be open to advertising plan collaborations.
  • Have a stable and active community.
  • Be primarily about Minecraft.

Each application is reviewed individually. If you do not fit the requirements but have a somewhat interesting proposition for us, do not hesitate to contact us

What are the benefits of being a Germanode partner?


Custom coupon code

You will receive from 10% to 20% of every sale when your code is applied to it.


Your website and or logo will be displayed on our sponsorship page (currently under construction) and in some of the web advertisements.

Sponsored Minecraft server

You will receive a discount code for our plans. The discounts vary from 30% to 100%.

Welcome to Germanode

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