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About Germanode


Germanode is an international based Minecraft server hosting company, that was founded on the basis to provide a reliable, professional and structured Minecraft gaming service to the people.

Our ever-affordable hosting solutions and powerful managed systems guarantee a perfect gameplay and customer satisfaction.

We differ from any other hosting provider. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • We offer an 5-day money back guarantee if you think we did not deliver what we promised.
  • We guarantee a 99.99% online time.
  • We promise to never oversell our machines.
  • We promise to use every single cent of the profit towards opening new locations and developing better solutions.

We are committed to making our services great.



We always guarantee 99.99% online time unlike other hosts.


We use only the best hardware on the market for our servers.


We will always step in and try to help when there is a problem.


We offer 5 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Our great team can give you best support.
Meet with our awesome team.


CEO and Technical Support

He founded Germanode in 2015 after meeting Antonis online, whilst playing Minecraft. Both shared a similar interest in the Minecraft hosting industry and ever since the two have formed a solid partnership which has brought Germanode to life.

Customer Support

Antonis is the joint founder of Germanode and works closely on the support sector of the Germanode network. You'll see him on live-chat, responding to minecraft forum posts and assisting you with your tickets.

Not convinced? See what our customers think about us!


“Services are really great from the 24 hour trial and is good for hosting the correct amount of players, but I dont have the budget, well really, any money atm. It was a good test server and I would recommend using it and staff actually gave me the specs of the machine the server will be running off of. ”

Legoman99573 https://www.spigotmc.org/members/legoman99573.34765/

“I've checked out other hosting companies which were all too expensive and or had really laggy servers, but once I switched over to Germanode they were here to help me, all my issues were gone and I am planning to stay with Germanode for a long time.”

Phillip P. https://twitter.com/Phillplayz_

“Germanode is an extremely reliable hosting, with amazing server speeds, and power. If you're looking for a hosting that can support a small server, to a large network, you'll want to go with Germanode as your hosting! I was provided with one of their test servers to review their hosting previously, and I was amazed by how much the server could handle!”

IndieGuts https://www.spigotmc.org/members/indieguts.297530/

Welcome to Germanode

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