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Reliable – Easy to use – Simply great - Accepting Bitcoin

Coming back stronger than ever!

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Lots of hosting services in town.
Why you should choose us?


Multicraft Panel 2.0

We utilise the sweetest panel on the market. You'll be able to customize your server like never before!

Reliable Hardware

Our machines are equipped with fast SSD drives, Intel Xeon E5-1620v3's and DDR4 RAM to ensure premium quality for your server. We always make sure that our machines will be your best companions.

Guaranteed uptime

We guarantee the perfect 99.99% online time! We stick to that promise like slime sticks to blocks!

DDoS protection

Our network is built to perform, featuring Anti DDoS protection against some of the most powerful attacks; to ensure no evil humans or robots every try to stop you from mining or taking down a tree.

Fast customer support

A cup of Minecraft coffee a day makes it faster - yay! We guarantee to answer your tickets rapidly!

Free Perks

We like to surprise you. Every plan comes with Free MCPE Support, Free Region Fixer add-on, a 30-day BuyCraft Ultimate subscription and more! Our Premium users are also a part of the giveaways!

Where are our servers located?



Perfect for people across the EU, Eastern US and Africa.


Perfect for people across the EU and Eastern US


Perfect from people from Canada and the US.

What are the best things about us?


Dedicated RAM available at

all times for your server.

Reliability at its' finest. We guarantee to never oversell RAM space. Meaning you can enjoy your server without a slight worry.

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Cryptocurrency payments.

Apart from the best quality and reliability, we also enable you to pay for a server with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple... This enables you to pay less for the same service because cryptocurrencies require low transaction fees. We guarantee at least 10% discount if you use this payment method.

Learn more about cryptocurrencies

Germanode is a proud partner of TEBEX.

We are proud to offer every customer a FREE 30 day TEBEX Ultimate plan. The Ultimate plan normally costs £24.99.

Click here to claim the 30-day Ultimate plan

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